Dylan T

Sr. Web Developer

Phoenix, Arizona

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I have been building web systems from the ground since 1999. I'm currently employed part time by a NYC based madia company. I'm available for 30-40 hours of extra contract projects.

When I'm planning a new site I focus on the users experience(UX) and user interface(UI) while keeping design aesthetics fresh and clean. I work closely with end-users and clients to produce systems that make their day more productive. I’m always ahead of the curve on new technologies and I add them to my growing toolkit of solutions. I’m often reminding my co-workers: "Use Best Practices" and "Keep It Simple". I honor quality and customer satisfaction.

responsive web design

Work Experience:

Life Styles Media
Phoenix, AZ
Sr. Web Developer

Cyberitas Technologies
Phoenix, AZ
Sr. Web Developer

Genesis Media
Developer / Consultant

  • PHP Object Oriented Development
  • Manage and deploy web sites and systems
  • Manage in-house and remote servers
  • Developed best-practices, unit test new technologies
  • Diagnose and fix "strange web anomalies"
  • Tutor new developers
  • Review sites for SEO and SEM
  • Explain our capabilities to potential clients

Phoenix, AZ
Founder, Owner

  • Built business to profitability
  • Managed outsourced employees, billing and accounting
  • Deployed cloud/SaaS Ruby on Rails application for clients
  • Implemented SCRUM project development environment
  • Developed VPS based VoIP and streaming media systems
  • Sold the business in July of 2010

Viza Web Hosting Inc.
St Paul, MN
Founder, Co-owner

  • Managed outsourced employees
  • Managed server and customer support team
  • Managed software and hardware deployments
  • Developed customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Catered to partner and sponsor relationships
  • Built a monthly revenue averaging $80,000 / month
  • Acquired revenue streams from small hosts in distress
  • Sold shares 2005/2006

Why Hire Me?:

  • I have a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to deploying a project successfully. I strive to keep systems as simple as possible while adding value and knowledge.
  • I keep my eye on the bottom line. I'm driven to make money and develop new business.
  • I'm very reliable and flexible when working in teams. I'm happy to follow directives but always willing to take the lead.
  • I have a track record of success in the web industry.
  • I have prospective on what clients look for in systems and sites.

Favorite Frameworks:

Zend 2

Favorite Web System Stack:

PHP 5.3+
Javascript / jQuery
Web Fonts
Google Integration


PHP Storm

Adobe Products:


Other Tech I Use:

Linux Servers
Server Virtualization
Network Tools / Security
Agile / Scrum

API's I Use:

Authorize.net Paypal Google Maps UPS FedEx USPS aHrefs Reseller Club eNom cPanel Send Grid Ticket Express Twitter Linkedin Facebook Pintrist Sports Southwest

  1. This resume site is more then just a simple biographical document. Its a prime example of my programming techniques and design practices.

  2. "All my hard work is for my beautiful growing family" (Newborn 2nd son not shown)

    Nearly all sites can benefit from a face. A face that the visitor can identify with sets the mood of the site and makes the users experience more memorable.

  3. Here I used css to add an indented look to the text as well as a slight white css gradient to the header.

  4. Color can be used to bring attention to elements that might otherwise be overlooked.

  5. An embedded font face will ensure each visitor has the same experience.

  6. Textual information should be displayed in more then one format to make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly.

  7. I try to make repetitive lists more interesting by making them into visual elements. In this case each bar graph shows how complete I feel my knowledge is on each subject.

  8. I enjoy adding subtle state changes to elements. Notice the hover effects when you put your pointer over the bar graphs and the labels below.

  9. This is the end of the tour. Please check the source code of this page to see exactly how I implemented this simple yet nice looking site.
    (Yes I format my white space)

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